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Students pursuing technical certificates or undergraduate or graduate degrees at technical institutes, colleges or universities in a food safety related field of study are entitled to membership in BCFPA at one-half the dues of regular members (student rate: $20 per year). Student members, with the exception of the appointed Student Coordinator, may attend meetings of BCFPA and be accorded privilege of the floor, but shall not be entitled to vote, may not hold office in BCFPA, but may serve on committees and as appointed representatives of BCFPA. A student member shall become eligible for full membership on January 1 of the year following graduation.


  • Student rate for all BCFPA conferences, workshops and Speaker's Evening events
  • Yearly student scholarship award of $1500 and $1000
  • Networking opportunities/events with government, industries, and fellow UBC and BCIT students (end of March)
  • Industry tour conducted once a year (January/February)
  • Educational workshop for students (mid-November)
  • Volunteering opportunities at conferences/events and within the BCFPA Student Group and Executive Board
  • Resources for career opportunities
The Student Membership Benefits Poster is available here for download.

Join today to take advantage of the student rates and networking opportunities! Membership is $20 for one year, and $10 if you join after July 1st.

Join here:

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