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We recognize it takes a combination of both hard work and educational funding for most students to achieve their goal of a post-secondary education. That's why we've developed a scholarship fund to help encourage student funding and interest in food protection in BC.

For this year, one scholarship will be available in the amount of $1000 and will be awarded to one BCFPA student member who meets the criteria. The student selected to receive the scholarship award must attend a future BCFPA event to receive the Scholarship Award Certificate. It is intended that the 2023 Scholarship Awards be presented at our Annual General Meeting in January/February 2024.

To be considered for the scholarship award, please fill out the application form and email your essay and other relevant documentation to the BCFPA Vice President at . Applications must be submitted no later than December 15, 2023. The winning recipient to be awarded the Scholarship Award will be contacted before the AGM.

The Scholarship Poster to be available - click here

Essay Topic

Applications of AI in Food Safety 


Applicants must be:
  • Current Student Members of the BC Food Protection Association.
  • Reside or study in BC.
  • Enrolled in a field of study related to food in a university, community college or technical institute. These programs may include, but not be limited to Food Science, Food Technology, Microbiology, Nutrition, Agrology, Environmental Health Programs and various Postgraduate level degree granting programs.
  • Currently in a program, or registered for a program beginning in the Fall of the year applied.

Please note that Student membership fees with the BC Food Protection Association are $20 per year; students who are not currently members may submit their scholarship application with their membership application and fee.

Application Requirements
For the selection process the applicant must provide the following

  1. Submission of the application form (link above)
  2. A copy of their most recent transcript (official copies not required);
  3. Two letters of reference - must be done by someone from your work/school/volunteer experience (electronic or scanned is acceptable); and,
  4. A five (5) paragraph essay - details below.

Essay Criteria

  • Each applicant may submit only one essay to the competition.
  • The essay must be a minimum of 5 paragraphs (introduction, 3 paragraphs and a concluding paragraph), minimum of 500 words, up to a maximum of 1000 words, NOT including references, tables or photo captions.
  • Essays must be based on any one of the topics listed below, and are expected to contain current information.
  • Essays should define the issue or statement, discuss the issues/points made with examples or technical references to back up any statements or experience and then conclude summarizing any recommendations or goals reached in the essay.
  • Essays will be graded on content, organization, grammar, and originality.
  • Essays should be double-spaced, with a minimum of 12 pt font, preferably in Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Essays submissions should be made in Microsoft Word and submitted electronically with the application form to the BCFPA Vice President at the following email address:
  • For technical content there should be a minimum of 3 references, with at least one reference from a peer-reviewed journal. Internet references must be cited and be from reputable sources.
  • References must be written in the Harvard Style of Citation (name and date system). The following sites will assist you in creating citations using the Harvard Style:
    Anglia Ruskin University:
  • Any essay found with plagiarized material will be eliminated from the competition.
  • No substitutions will be made for the essay topics below.

Additional Information
  • Successful applicants will be notified three weeks after the final submission date for entries. If this date coincides with a BCFPA meeting, recipients will be given two weeks notice and receive the monetary awards and certificates at the meeting. If there is an extended time period for the next meeting date, the monetary award will be presented in the interim. The student will be given two weeks notice to attend the upcoming meeting to receive the Scholarship Award Certificate and be recognized by the association.
  • All personal information will be kept confidential.
  • Successful applicants will be required to verify student enrollment.
  • All entries will be considered the property of the BC Food Protection Association.
  • Scholarship recipients ( name, city, institution and program of study) and their essays may be published in "The Grapevine", the BCFPA newsletter.
  • Judges decisions are final.

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