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Bacteriophages Survey - Student Research Project

16 Jan 2021 4:37 PM | Stephanie Chiu (Administrator)

Forwarding a student research survyey below, I hope you can help fill out his survey, thank you.

My name is Lucas Risi and I am a student at Ryerson University. I am conducting a survey under the supervision of Dr. Meldrum regarding bacteriophage use in the food industry. The aim of this survey is to gain insight about the opinions, concerns, and barriers related to bacteriophage applications in food safety. I would like to target individuals with technical roles and positions in the food industry for participation. I would greatly appreciate it if you could circulate this survey for me in the beginning of January. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding this.

Thank you for your time and I hope to have your help and support.

Researcher: Lucas Risi
BASc Undergraduate Student in Public Health and Safety
Ryerson University,

Bacteriophages Survey - Research Project

Purpose of the Study:
The use of bacteriophages (phages) and its many applications in the food industry is established throughout many studies in the literature. It has been documented that the use of phages as an antibacterial agent can reduce levels of foodborne pathogens, therefore improving food safety. Upon reviewing the literature, various research has indicated potential barriers regarding phage use in the food industry, however it does not consist of the personal opinions of the food industry and food safety professionals. This survey will help explore the gaps between research and practice in the food industry regarding these barriers. The opinions and concerns of the food industry regarding the applications of phages is valuable for the future of food safety.

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